Time to Learn Finance!

keep-calm-and-learn-finance-3I am finding that in my career in Project Management, that it’s all about the bottom line. The numbers!

Managers want to know the numbers and they expect professionals to be able to provide the numbers and understand what it means and how it impacts the business.

In my career awareness, I am beginning my journey in researching ways to get Financial Education. I believe this will be a valuable asset for me to have this knowledge under my belt and better equip me to solve today’s business problems. In addition, whether I was good at math or not, numbers have always been of interest to me. I naturally gravitate towards running my own numbers and coming up with ways to save, better ways to spend, and earn additional income too.

So… my research begins. I am in the early phases… so I did what most people do when they want to learn something quickly… I simply Googled it! I searched: “How to get Financial Experience”. I found several links, but these two in particular caught my eye:

As, I mentioned previously, this is just a “start” in the right direction. I am getting started on my way to learning about Finance and I will take the necessary steps to get educated. That could take me in a number of directions… of hand it could lead to:

  • Taking Financial Courses (online and/or onsite) – I will start out taking the FREE ones first. I need the background and general information first before deep diving in expense courses.
  • Getting an MBA or EMBA in Corporate Finance – this is an option for down the line… you never know… the company may help pay for this. (hmmmm)
  • Watching Free YouTube Videos to learn the basics & learn Financial lingo – of course!
  • Learn the tools that Financial Analysts use to be successful (ie: MS Excel – learn how they use it to analyze the numbers)
  • Reading Finance articles, talking to people in Finance with an extensive background… 
  • Reviewing Financial Careers – to learn business expectations for someone with a financial background… so I can add value in my current position.
  • Having general conversations with my manager about what I am interested in doing to further add value to the company – tell them that I am not trying to leave the firm, but to become more of an asset to the organization. I realize that having a financial background would be highly beneficial in my role and as I grow in my career.

I am also deciding to share this journey with my network of followers in social media land. In hopes that they aren’t too shy to provide input. I am happy to take any advice or mentoring from anyone who is highly successful, knowledge, and will be patient with me as I learn Finance.



Interested in PMP Coaching?

Virtual PMP Coaching_YarberMy goal is to help YOU pass the PMP Exam. I am passionate about seeing people succeed. I work with people to help them accomplish their goals. With that in mind, I’ll be providing intensive PMP coaching over the next couple of months. I am looking for serious, dedicated individuals who want to get PMP certified by no later than Dec 2014.  With that in mind, we would need to start consistent sessions no later than Oct 2014. Yes, its a serious commitment. Are you in? Continue reading

Let’s get to PERFORMING!

In a group dynamic, especially a work group, we will go through ups and downs. Particularly as it relates to Group development… let’s discuss Tuckman’s stages of group development. The ‘Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing’ model. This topic has appeared on the PMP exam.

“This theory maintained that these phases are all necessary and inevitable in order for the team to grow, to face up to challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, to plan work, and to deliver results.” -Wikipedia

I find that in any group dynamic, especially a working group, that this occurs & in that order:

1st we’re forming & trying to make sense of things.. at this stage a lot may not seem clear.

2nd we’re storming… this stage is never fun, as we are still learning & it may see a bit frustrating & combative at this point.

3rd we’re norming… getting comfortable & thing are starting to make sense now. The air has been cleared.

4th we’re preforming. We feel much more confident at this point as things are making sense & we can preform the work with minimal issues.

Hey… let’s get to PERFORMING! But meanwhile, let’s learn as we form, storm, and norm! The time is now.

Color Code PMBOK with Highlighters

Here’s a really cool way to color code the PMBOK with highlighters for easy retention.You can also use this method on any other PMP study materials you own. It’s great for visual learners, like myself. I tried this with a PMP Study group & some other students I’ve trained & they found it very effective!  Thought I’d share!

By the way, numerous PMP training companies use color codes. You can choose any set of colors to help with memory retention of the 5 process groups.

Below is an example.  I like this because it fits with the standard highlighter set of colors.



EVM and Critical Path Video Explanation

Earn-Value-Management-EVM-AnalysisEVM and Critical Path Video Explanation

Sir Ganttalot helps you prepare for the PMP exam by explaining Earned Value Management (EVM) & Critical Path.

He breaks it down to it’s simplest terms. This is a great video to share with those who are just learning it for the first time.

FYI: Each video is about <10 mins. Enjoy!